23 March 2018

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The UK's Only Distributor of Rossi Boots

Whilst working in Australia a number of years ago, we discovered these very comfortable yet hardwearing boots called Rossi Boots.

Proudly Australian Made and OwnedWe did everything in Rossi Boots - rode horses, shifted stock, fencing, went down the bottle shop and even did a sky dive!

So impressed were we with their comfort, durability and style, we were then frustrated that Rossi Boots weren't available in the UK.

We now import Rossi Boots to the UK, allowing all of us who love them to get our favourite styles quickly and easily.

  • Work Boots
    Comfort and durability, the best leathers, hard wearing soles and comfort to boot.
  • Bush Walking Boots
    Renowned for the superb fit, durability, comfort…and the downright joy they give walkers.
  • Everyday Footware
    Featuring the famous "shearing boot", "ripple sole" and the classiest pull-tab made in Australia.
  • Safety Boots
    For protection and comfort where it counts with the super comfortable "air cushioned sole".
  • Desert Boots
    Desert Boots and Ripple sole boots by Rossi Boots were born in 1950 to a shoe making tradition and an unmistakable supply of Aussie know how.